Test duel

Test duel contest organized to test functionality.
Duel competition is an online event when all participants solve puzzles simultaneously. For each puzzle you compete with just one opponent which is changed at every round. You got 2 points if you solve the puzzle faster than your opponent, 1 point - if you solve slower and 0 points if you don't solve the puzzle in the given time frame. See the duel rules for more details.

Full results of the contest see at the results page
#Puzzle Best time
1 (2021-03-14) Simple Loop (10x10)
2 (2021-03-14) Magic Snail (6x6)
3 (2021-03-14) Passage (10x10)
4 (2021-03-14) Skyscrapers (5x5)
5 (2021-03-14) Hexa Islands (5x5)
6 (2021-03-14) Fuzuli (6x6)
7 (2021-03-14) Tapa (10x10)

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