🎨🧩Announcing the 'Tetromino Canvas Clash'🏆

Get ready for a month-long puzzle marathon like never before! From May 1st to May 30th, we're launching the 'Tetromino Canvas Clash' contest, where you'll face a new LITS puzzle challenge (classic and variations) every single day.
🌟 30 days, 30 puzzles - can you become the 'Tetromino Titan'?
💡 All puzzlers welcome! Join the fun and test your skills.🧩🏆


Attention Puzzle Solvers!

🐞On the 9th of April, a critical bug infiltrated our website, causing unsaved solving times for puzzles. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
🛠️We want to inform you that the bug has been eliminated, and the scoring table has been restored to its proper state.
👀 We kindly ask all users to check if their solving times are now displayed correctly. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us at so we can promptly address them.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🧩💻 Happy solving!🧩


🎉🧩 Slitherlink Expedition Contest Results Are Here! 🏆

After a month-long journey through the world of Slitherlink puzzles, we're thrilled to unveil the winners of the Slitherlink Expedition contest!
🥇 Slitherlink Guru: Congratulations to EKBM for claiming the first-place spot and earning the esteemed 'Slitherlink Guru' title! 🌟
🥈 Second Place: Well done, Freddie Hand, for securing the second position in this challenging contest.
🥉 Third Place: A round of applause for UNP, taking the third spot with impressive puzzle-solving prowess!

🏁 Puzzle Highlights: The hardest puzzle, Polygraph, proved to be a formidable challenge, with an average solver taking 27 minutes to crack it. On the other end, the first Fence puzzle was a breeze for top solvers, requiring just 8 seconds to solve!
A big thank you to all participants for making the 'Slitherlink Expedition' contest a thrilling puzzle journey. Stay tuned for more exciting contests and challenges ahead! 🧩🌟


🧩🚀 'Slitherlink Expedition' Puzzle Contest! 🚀🧩

Prepare for a new puzzle adventure! We're thrilled to introduce the Slitherlink Expedition contest, starting on the 1st of February and spanning an entire month.
🗺️ Embark on a journey of logical twists and turns with daily Slitherlink puzzles (classics and variations) designed to challenge your solving skills. From February 1st to the end of the month, immerse yourself in the world of Slitherlink.
🏆 Solve each puzzle to accumulate points and secure your place as a true Slitherlink Guru!

Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to unravel the mysteries of Slitherlink in this thrilling month-long contest. May the best solvers triumph! 🎉🧩


🧩Attention Puzzle Solvers!🧩

We understand that finding the logical solving path for many puzzles can be challenging, leading some solvers to prefer the trial and error method. To facilitate the use of this technique, we're excited to introduce a new feature - savepoints! Now you can set a savepoint and instantly revert your solving progress to it. For more details, please refer to our help page. Happy puzzling!🎉


🏆 Skyline Magic Contest Results Are In! 🌆🧩

A round of applause for our top puzzlers in the Skyline Magic contest:

  • 🥇 Skyscrapers Master: Congratulations to Freddy Hand, the first-place winner and now the official 'Skyscrapers Master'!🏙️
  • 🥈 Second Place: Well done, EKBM, for securing the second spot in this challenging contest.
  • 🥉 Third Place: Let's hear it for strozo, claiming the third position with impressive puzzle-solving skills without error submissions!
👏 A big thank you to all 176 solvers who took on the Skyline Magic contest puzzles. Your participation made this event a fantastic puzzle journey!
Stay tuned for more thrilling contests and challenges. Happy puzzling! 🧩🎉


🌆🧩 'Skyline Magic' Contest started on the 1st of November! 🏙️

Get ready for a thrilling Skyscrapers puzzle marathon. This month-long journey features 30 Skyscrapers puzzles, with a new challenge every day.
🏆 By the end of this exciting puzzle marathon, one exceptional solver will claim the coveted title of Skyscrapers Master! 🏙️🧩


🌍🧩 World Puzzle Championship Begins October 19th! 🧩🌍

🌟 To prepare you for this prestigious event, Puzzleduel is thrilled to introduce several puzzle types that will play a significant role in the championship.
These puzzles will test your skills, challenge your wit, and engage your passion for puzzling. So, stay tuned for more details and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of puzzles.
Get set to showcase your puzzle-solving prowess on the global stage. The World Puzzle Championships await your unrivaled talent! 🏆🧩🌍


🌍🧩 World Sudoku Championship Just Around the Corner! 🧩🌍

Get ready for the ultimate Sudoku challenge because the World Sudoku Championship is about to kick off in just a few days!
🌟 To make sure you're well-prepared, we're thrilled to introduce a couple of new puzzle types, which will be a part of this prestigious championship.
Discover 'Self-joint Sudoku' and 'Difference Sudoku' to get familiar with it and turns to give yourself an edge in the upcoming championship. It's an opportunity to test your skills and outshine the competition. 🏆🧩🌍


🧩 Exciting Announcement: Welcome 'Slash Pack' Puzzle Type! 🎉

We're thrilled to introduce a new puzzle type, 'Slash Pack', at!
🎉 Invented by Yosuke Imai (Japan) in 2007: This puzzle has a rich history and has been featured at several major puzzle competitions. Now, it's your chance to challenge your skills and dive into it.

Get ready to explore this captivating puzzle type and test your problem-solving abilities! 🌟🧩


🎉 Another dOubLESHOW Contest Concludes! 🧩
187 enthusiastic solvers, our largest turnout yet, competed in this round.

  • 🥇 Freddie Hand claims another dOubLESHOWmen title.
  • 🥈 IHNN and UNP are our impressive runners-up.
  • 🏆 kawatea got the special trophy for finishing at the 22nd place.
Congratulations to all participants for making this contest unforgettable!
See the full results here. Stay tuned for more puzzle challenges ahead. 🌟🧩


We're thrilled to announce the winners of the 'Tap into Tapa' competition:

Freddie Hand has emerged as our Tapa Wizard, showing exceptional skills. He's also the Tapa Scrambler for completing the most puzzles in under a minute.
See the full results here.
Thanks to all participants for making this competition a success. Stay tuned for more puzzle challenges! 🧩🌟


Exciting news! Alexey Oleshov has launched a fresh round of the dOubLESHOW contest!
🗓️ From September 2nd, 2023, to September 22nd, 2023, all daily puzzles on even dates will contribute to the contest scores.
🔢 This contest is all about the number 2, so get ready for a challenging and fun experience!
Happy solving, and may the best puzzler win! 🌟🧩


Anuraag Sahay presents the "Tap into Tapa" contest!
📆 Mark your calendars! The contest runs from August 1st to September 4th, with a new puzzle published daily.
🥇 At the end of this thrilling contest, the top puzzler will earn the prestigious title of "Tapa Wizard." 🧙‍♂️
🚀 But that's not all! The coveted title of "Tapa Scrambler" awaits the solver who conquers the most puzzles in less than a minute each! 🧩💨


The thrilling fourth edition of the Puzzle XL contest has come to a close, featuring a total of 13 mind-bending puzzles, each with an average solving time ranging from 10 to 75 minutes. 🧩⏳
🥇 XL Master: A huge round of applause to EKBM for conquering these challenging puzzles and earning the prestigious XL Master title! 🌟🧩
🥈 Runner-Ups: We also want to extend our congratulations to IHNN and Freddie Hand for their remarkable performances as runner-ups. Your puzzle-solving skills truly impressed us! 🥈🥈
For the full contest results, check out the details here.
Thank you to all participants for making this contest a thrilling and competitive event. Stay tuned for more exciting puzzle challenges in the future! 🧩🌟


Traditional Summer Puzzle XL Contest! 🌞🧩
Get ready for a summer of epic puzzles! The Traditional Summer Puzzle XL contest is back and kicks off on June 21st.
For the next two weeks, a challenging XL puzzle will be unveiled daily, in addition to our regular daily puzzles. 🗓️
📈 Your scores for these XL puzzles won't affect your solver rating but will be tallied separately on a dedicated contest score table.
📱 Please note that the large grid puzzles may not be mobile-friendly, so ensure you have a desktop or tablet ready for the ultimate puzzle-solving experience.