Rules for duel tournament

Tournament consits of few rounds using Swiss-system. Number of rounds depends on number of participants.

To participate in the contest solvers have to enroll before contest start. Participant can unregister at any moment before first seeding happens. For each round participants are divided into pairs and competing inside the pair.
a. Pairs for the firts round are random.
b. Pairs for other rounds created based on current contest results so that nobody played against the same opponent again. Each participant, starting from the leader each, gets the closest person in the result table as an opponent. If the participant alteady played against the closest person in the table, then next one is used and so on. If at some moment all participants below already played agains each other, then the last formed pair is changed to unlock the process.

In case of off number of participants one player in each round doesn't have an opponent.

Each round consist of one puzzle and has 5 minutes duration.

Timer to measure solving time started when player presses "Start" button, but round duration is not extanded if Player started with a delay.

After solving the puzzle player should press "Check" button and gets message about correctness of the solution. There is no limit for number of the submissions and no penalties for wrong submissions.

When round is finished silving times are compared and participants get the score.

Scoring points are distributed according to the next rule: in each pair fastest solver gets 2 points, second person solved the puzzle - 1 point. If player doesn't submit correct solution, then they get 0 points.

There is one-minutes pause between the rounds for scoring and seeding.

In the result table and for seeding purposes participants are sorted by the number of scoring points (descending). If few solvers have the same number of points, then Buchholz scores (the total sum of points of all opponents) are considered. If the second criteria is also the same, then for seeding the total solving time is used (ascending) to sort participants.